Copyright - News

  • – 2008-06-03 –

    The Canadian Software Innovation Alliance has released a copyright White Paper and open letter to Canada's Ministers responsible for copyright policy calling for balanced copyright laws that support, and do not undermine, the open source business model.  The CSIA's position is indicative of a growing consensus among business groups, creator groups and consumer advocates that the course of Canadian copyright policy must steer away from the American Digital Millennium Copyright model.

  • – 2008-05-29 –

    A multilateral agreement-in-the-making between Canada, the US and Europe would turn border guards into copyright police, charging them with checking laptops, iPods and other digital devices for material that infringes copyright.  ISPs would be forced to identify alleged infringers upon request, without a court order.  The proposed agreement was leaked last Friday, leading to public outcry.
    Wikileaks page on ACTA

  • – 2008-04-18 –

    CIPPIC has provided the House of Commons Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology with a submission with respect to its study into Canadian science and technology.  CIPPIC's submission focuses on open access to scientific data, Crown copyright, and the challenges DRM and anti-circumvention laws pose for security researchers.