• - 2004-03-04 -
    The Supreme Court of Canada released its decision today in the Law Society of Upper Canada v. CCH Limited case. The court found that the fair dealing/research exception under the Copyright Act should be liberally interpreted to ensure that users\' rights are not unduly constrained. In a discussion that could impact digital copyright issues, the court also held that the LSUC did not infringe copyright by providing self-service copiers, ruling that a person does not authorize infringement by authorizing the mere use of equipment that could be used to infringe copyright. Commentary on Decision by Prof. M. Geist
  • - 2004-03-01 -
    After a court hearing today, CIPPIC was granted leave to intervene in the lawsuits brought by the Canadian recording industry against alleged online music file-sharers. Electronic Frontier Canada was also granted leave to intervene. Both organizations are to file written submissions by Friday, March 5th, on the test to be applied by the Court to the industry requests for disclosure of subscriber identities, on due process and privacy rights of the unnamed defendants, and on whether the industry has made out a prima facie case of infringement under the Copyright Act. CIPPIC will argue the points at the oral hearing to be held in Toronto on Friday, March 12th. News Release Order granting leave to intervene
  • - 2004-02-26 -
    CIPPIC filed an application for leave to intervene in the file-sharing lawsuits in Federal Court today. We are concerned that important issues involving the test for ordering disclosure of subscriber identities -i.e., the standard that the record industry must meet before it can obtain this information - will not be fully addressed by Internet Service Providers, who have their own interests distinct from those of defendants and public interest groups. We are asking the Court to allow us to make representations on important points of law in this precedent-setting case. Electronic Frontier Canada has also applied for leave to intervene. The hearing on our motions is scheduled for Monday, March 1st in Toronto. Notice of Motion Requested Order Supporting Affidavit Written Representations
  • - 2004-02-13 -
    The Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA) launched its offensive against music file-sharers in Canada this week. Having filed a number of "John Doe" lawsuits, CRIA is trying to get ISPs to disclose the contact information for subscribers associated with over 20 IP addresses that have allegedly been engaged in heavy file uploading. Of the four targeted ISPs (Bell, Shaw, Rogers, Videotron), Shaw has said that it will fight the requests; Telus will ask for more time so that the targeted individuals have an opportunity to challenge CRIA\'s requests. CIPPIC has called on all ISPs to follow Shaw\'s lead. See CIPPIC\'s webpage on File Sharing for more info.
  • - 2004-02-13 -
    CIPPIC calls on ISPs to follow Shaw\'s lead and stand up for their subscribers\' rights to privacy and due process, as the recording industry seeks to discover the identity of alleged file-sharers. News Release.
  • - 2004-02-09 -
    Senator Don Oliver has reintroduced his anti-spam bill in the newly constituted Parliament of Canada. Bill S-2 includes a number of anti-spam initiatives, including a "no-spam" registry, mandatory membership by ISPs in a new Internet Consumer Protection Council or similar body, a civil action against spammers, and more severe punishments for messages that involve pornography, attempted fraud, or that target children.
  • - 2004-01-30 -
    CIPPIC filed comments with the Ontario Ministry of Consumer and Business Services (MCBS) on its draft regulations under the Consumer Protection Act, 2002, as they would affect online transactions. With a few minor exceptions, CIPPIC strongly supports the government\'s proposals which, if passed, would establish a much more transparent and fair online (and offline) marketplace. Other jurisdictions should follow Ontario\'s lead. Ontario government proposals CIPPIC Submission CIPPIC Submission
  • - 2004-01-28 -
    CIPPIC student Robert Dupelle interviews Prof. Martin Dowding of UBC on the issue of public libraries and the possible expansion of law enforcement powers aimed at addressing cybercrime in the wake of 9/11. Article
  • - 2003-12-31 -
    A website that parodies and critiques Paul Martin was threatened just before Christmas with a lawsuit if it didn\'t shut down.
  • - 2003-12-30 -
    Quebec is apparently planning to launch a lawsuit, challenging the federal government\'s right to legislate personal data protection in the private sector. Quebec position is that the federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act "interferes with Quebec\'s constitutional competence in matters of civil rights" and that the federal government has exceeded its jurisdiction. See Toronto Star article.