CIPPIC argues for ISP subscriber privacy

| March 15, 2004
CIPPIC was in court today arguing that the recording industry\'s request to get information on alleged file-swappers from Internet Service Providers should be denied. On March 12th, the court heard from the record companies and the Internet Service providers. Shaw and TELUS argued that the plaintiffs\' evidence was seriously deficient, and that the request should not be granted. Today, the court heard from CIPPIC, represented by lawyers Howard Knopf (of Macera & Jarzyna) and Alex Cameron (LL.M. candidate at UofO), on why the court should apply a high threshold test to requests of this kind, and how the plaintiffs have failed to make out a prima facie case of copyright infringement in this case. The judge, Mr. Justice von Finckenstein, indicated that he would make a ruling as soon as possible, and likely by the end of the week. Jason Young\'s blog of court hearings.