Massive Consumer Coalition Demands Copyright Policies that Put Canadians First

| June 05, 2008

A massive coalition of Canada's leading consumer advocates have today released an open letter calling on the Canadian government to embrace copyright policies that put Canada's interests first.  Consumer advocates from across the country - including two of Quebec's leading consumer rights organizations - have demanded a principled approach to copyright policy from Canada's government that rejects any law modeled on the American Digital Millennium Copyright Act.  Signatories include Union des consommateurs, Option consommateurs, the Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC), the Consumers Council of Canada, CIPPIC and the grassroots digital advocacy group, Online Rights Canada.
- Open Letter to Ministers
- Media Release
Simultaneously, some members of this coalition have released a White Paper on Consumer Copyright.  The White Paper lays out a standard against which the coming copyright legislation may be measured.  White Paper signatories include Option consommateurs, CIPPIC, PIAC, and Online Rights Canada.
- Consumer Coalition White Paper (français)
- Media Release