CIPPIC announces pro bono arrangement with Fogler, Rubinoff LLP Technology Law Group

| October 26, 2004
The Technology Law Group of Fogler, Rubinoff LLP has agreed to provide CIPPIC with ongoing pro bono legal services on various aspects of CIPPC\'s legal work, including issue analysis, client advice, public educational materials and litigation. FR\'s Technology Law Group lawyers will assist CIPPIC counsel in the review of student work and the preparation of materials for use in casework, project work and on content for the CIPPIC website. "This wonderful donation of time and expertise will increase our capacity and help us to continue producing high quality work in a timely way", said Philippa Lawson, Executive Director of CIPPIC. FR is a Toronto based full service law firm that works with established and emerging businesses and with individuals. Of its arrangement with CIPPIC, Gary Bouchard, LL.B., Head of FR\'s Technology Law Group, said: "In its short history, Ms. Lawson and her team at CIPPIC have already made very positive contributions to the development of technology law issues in Canada. We are extremely pleased to be able to lend our support to CIPPIC\'s activities."