CIRA Board Elections: Vote for the Future of Your Internet

| September 26, 2011

If you own a .ca domain and are a registered CIRA member, it's time to get your vote on! This week, a total of four CIRA Board of Director positions are up for election. There are only two days left to cast your ballot through the quick online process at

The internet is a public resource and we all need to ensure that the public interest is at the forefront of internet policy.  We at CIPPIC encourage you to vote for those candidates with the public interest of an open, equally accessible, and secure internet at the forefront of their minds. In particular, we can speak to the excellent capabilities of Bill St. Arnaud, Kevin McArthur, and Marita Moll.

If you've dealt with a domain name that ends in ".ca", you've likely at least heard of CIRA, the Canadian Internet Registration Authority. They're the organization that manages all ".ca" domains. In addition to setting out policies and compliance rules for Canada's domain space, they also play an important part in researching and guiding policies for Canada's Internet community, and the future direction of our Internet infrastructures.

CIRA's role will only increase in importance as the public resource of the Internet continues to face more and more challenges to fair accessibility and availability. CIRA's Board of Directors will play a pivotal role in determining how this organization responds to these challenges.

If you own a .ca domain, then you are eligible for free membership in CIRA. Although it's too late to register as a member for voting in this round of elections, you can follow a short 1-2 minute process at to ensure that CIRA hears your voice at its general annual meetings and that you can vote in future elections.