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Workplace Privacy - What can I do if I think my employer has violated my privacy?

The information provided on this webpage is of a general nature and does not constitute legal advice. Moreover, it addresses only some issues in information privacy, labour and employment law. If you have questions about privacy and your workplace, you should consult a lawyer, your union representative, or the human resources department of the organization you work for. For general information on private sector data protection laws, see CIPPIC’s webpage on Privacy. CIPPIC welcomes feedback and comments on this webpage at cippic@uottawa.ca.

If your workplace is subject to privacy legislation, you can complain to your provincial privacy commissioner or the Federal Privacy Commissioner’s office if you believe that your employer has breached your privacy under that legislation (see description of the complaint process below).

If you are a unionized worker and you believe that your personal information was mishandled or your privacy has been compromised, you should follow your workplace’s internal dispute resolution process and consult your union representative. If you are a unionized worker and your employer is subject to privacy legislation, you may also choose to complain to the relevant privacy commissioner’s office for an alleged breach of applicable privacy law.

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