• – 2010-04-16 –

    CIPPIC submitted comments in response to a consultation process being held by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada on "Cloud Computing." The submission takes a general look at the technology and the privacy challenges inherent to most cloud applications.

  • – 2010-04-15 –
    A new website has been launched to investigate Deep Packet Inspection equipment and its use in Canada.  The comprehensive website provides an overview of the technology, summary of Canadian ISP uses, news of developments, commentary, and more.
  • – 2010-04-13 –

    The participants in the PublicACTA Conference in New Zealand on 10 April, 2010, have crafted the Wellington Declaration - a public statement to the parties negotiating the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) for their consideration during the Wellington round of negotiations.  Add your name to the growing list of signatories calling for greater transparency, rational intellectual property laws, and respect for sovereignty and democratically-crafted laws.

  • – 2010-04-12 –

    The Memorial University of Newfoundland Faculty Association (MUNFA) has officially added its name to the Fair is Fair coalition in calling on Ministers Clement and Moore to provide Canadians with more flexible fair dealing in copyright law. If you wish to add your organization, contact the Fair is Fair coalition.

    • Updated Open Letter to Ministers Clement and Moore (EN) (FR)
    • Join the Fair is Fair Coalition by contacting us at:
  • – 2010-04-08 –

    CIPPIC appeared before the Ontario Divisional Court today to advocate for privacy protections in civil litigation processes.  CIPPIC joined the Canadian Civil Liberties Association in intervening in Warman v. Wilkins-Fournier and in asking the Court to ensure reasonable safeguards are in place to prevent anonymous online identities from being revealed too readily.

  • – 2010-04-03 –

    The Association for Media Literacy (AML) (Ontario), the Canadian Urban Libraries Council (CULC)/Conseil des Biblothèques Urbaines du Canada and the University of New Brunswick have added their names to the growing list of organizations who have joined the Fair is Fair Coalition and signed on to an open letter to Ministers Clement and Moore, calling for more flexible fair dealing in the Canadian Copyright Act.  If you wish to add your organizations name, contact the Fair is Fair coalition.

  • – 2010-04-01 –

    The Supreme Court of Canada has granted leave to appeal the decision in Crookes v. Newton, which involves liability for hyperlinking to an allegedly defamatory article published by a third party.

  • – 2010-03-24 –

    CIPPIC has joined with a collection of over two dozen organizations representing creators, innovators, educators, scholars, students and consumers who today called on the government of Canada to fix fair dealing, copyright law

  • – 2010-03-16 –
    NDP MP Charlie Angus tabled two proposals intended to bring more balance to the Canadian Copyright Act.  The first, motion M-506, seeks to expand the fair dealing exception to Copyright found in s.29 so that it is no longer limited to a set of listed categories.  The second, private member's Bill C-499, suggests an expansion of the existing artist copmensation recovery levy model so that it covers other media such as iPods.
  • – 2010-03-15 –

    Yesterday, Madame Justice Aitken of the the Ontario Divisional Court approved CIPPIC's motion seeking leave to intervene in Warman v. Fournier, an appeal which will address important issues surrounding the role of online anonymity in the discovery process.  CIPPIC will argue that, by ordering the disclosure of identifying documents, the ruling being appealed failed to provide adequate safeguards for user privacy.  The appeal will be heard Wednesday, April 8, 2010.