Stop Online Spying

- 2011-06-23 - has launched a petition to stop the Government's online spying mandate. The petition, which is directed 'lawful access' legislation the federal government has committed to pass as part of an omnibus bill within 100 days of Parliament's sitting, expresses concern with the broad, warrantless powers that the government seeks to put in place without any real oversight. These powers are troubling in that they will allow state agents to identify anonymous online users in situations where there is not even any reason to suspect the information will be useful to an investigation. Indicative of this concern, the Privacy Commissioners of Canada had collectively denounced the lawful access bills, as drafted, in a historic joint letter to the government in May. Releases Report Establishing Need for Openness as Guiding Principle of Digital Policy

- 2011-05-27 - released "Casting an Open Net: A Leading Edge Approach to Canada's Digital Future", a report demonstrating the need for a comprehensive digital policy that has openness as its guiding principle. The report lays out a factual and policy basis for the need for Openness, as well as an action plan that lays out clear steps that will allow Canada to regain its digital leadership role by providing Canadians with an open, affordable Internet.

CIPPIC contributed a chapter to the report

Supreme Court to Hear Appeal in Important Fair Dealing Case

- 2011-05-05 -

The Supreme Court of Canada today granted leave to hear the appeal in Alberta (Education) v. Access Copyright. This case will provide the Court with the opportunity to clarify the scope of the fair dealing defense in educational environments.

National Groups Call on Parties to Fix Access to Information in Canada

- 2011-04-14 -

A number of diverse national groups: the BC Freedom of Information and Privacy Association, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, and Newspapers Canada have sent a joint letter to party leaders calling on them to fix Canada's disastrous federal access to information system. The letter responds to growing evidence that the Canadian access to information system is rapidly becoming among the worst of its kind in the developed world and cites the federal Information Commissioner's own assessment of the system: that it has hit "rock bottom".

The letter calls on the parties to commit to fixing the ATI system by April 18, and party responses will be posted on the signatories' respective websites.

US Court Rejects Proposed Settlement to Google Book Class Action

- 2011-03-23 -

An American court has rejected the proposed settlement to the Google Books Search class action.  The court concluded that the proposed settlement was not "fair, adequate and reasonable".

CIPPIC acted for a group of independent Canadian authors and for the Canadian Association of Universtiy Teachers in opposing the settlement based on its inclusion of Canadian authors among the copyright owners affected by the settlement.

Alberta Proposing Mandatory Police Surveillance Laws

- 2011-02-23 -

The Alberta Provincial legislature is proposing legislation that will obligate telecommunications service providers to provide police with a vast amount of "telephone and other electronic communications records", including: locational (GPS) data, cellular phone records, all inbound and outbound text messages, and internet browsing history. If requested by an officer claiming reasonable grounds to believe that immediate access to the records is necessary to prevent imminent harm of a missing person, the telecommunications service provider will have no option other than to provide the requested information or face potential adverse cost awards.

Come Join CIPPIC as a Summer Intern!

- 2011-01-28 -

All law students, including graduate, are encouraged to apply to join us as part of our Summer Internship Program. The program offers students a unique opportunity to work with CIPPIC lawyers on cutting edge issues in law & technology. Remuneration is in the form of a C$6000 stipend.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: February 18, 2011, 5pm EST

More details here (FR)

CIPPIC Participates in OPC Consultation Process

- 2011-01-23 -
CIPPIC has provided comments on a draft Privacy Commissioner document intended to address emerging privacy issues such as online tracking, identity management and cloud computing. The final report will incorporate the results of a consultation process initiated by the OPC and reflecting the views of myriad stakeholders on issues raised by emerging technologies.

CIPPIC Joins Consumer Protection Groups in Calling for Consumer Benefits from BCE/CTV Merger

- 2011-01-11 -
CIPPIC has joined the Public Interest Advocacy Centre and other consumer protection groups in calling on the CRTC to create a Canadian Broadcasting Participation Fund, which will allow Canadians to participate in Broadcasting proceedings in order to ensure their views are heard. Currently, there is no mechanism for funding such participation, which is often beyond the resources of many Canadians and organizations representing them. Yet, particularly in light of increasing convergence between broadcasting and new media, many broadcasting decisions can impact significantly on individual Canadians. The CRTC requires those such as BCE who are taking control of a major broadcasting entity such as CTV to devote a percentage of the value of their purchase to furthering the greater public benefit. CIPPIC and others have suggested that a portion of these benefits be allocated to funding public participation in future broadcasting consultations and proceedings.

Copyright Board grants Access Copyright Application for Interim Tariff

- 2010-12-23 -

The Copyright Board has granted Access Copyright's controversial application for an interim tariff in the post-secondary educational institution tariff proceeding.  The Board's reasons for granting the application will follow.  The proposed interim tariff is based on Access Copyright's older licensing agreement, and includes an optional schedule of digital permissions. The Board will accept comments on the proposed interim tariff's wording until January 21, 2011.

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